The focus in the ICAC hearings about goings on in the Newcastle political scene has been on allegedly corrupt politicians and businessmen. It is easy to pass this off as just a few bad individuals in the system, rather than question the system itself.
However the hearings have lifted the covers on how the system works. Namely, how the political system governs on behalf of big business – the jobs for politicians in the private companies when they retire, the use of ex-politicians by business to gain access to ministers, big developers like McCloy ordering local members to report to him, the local capitalist clubs or fronts that meet regularly and coordinate tactics and host politicians, the smear campaigns that were run to discredit opposition to business projects such as Tinkler’s proposed coal loader.
Democracy under the capitalist system was exposed as a sham, and where the real power lies was revealed. The covers will quickly come down and people will be left with a few “corrupt” politicians as scapegoats.
How should we react?
An unfortunate trend is the turning against politics, often in despair or cynicism. This trend does not challenge the system that creates corruption – it in fact directs attention away from an understanding of how the capitalist system works.
A real solution lies in heightened political activity – but with the political activity directed away from the pro-capitalist parties (whether Liberal or Labor) and in support of a party like the Communist Party that offers a real alternative – because in the end the only alternative to capitalism is socialism. A system not based on greed and on exploiting people, but rather one which emphasises collective activity, concern and respect for one another, and a sense of common destiny and people’s control of their future.

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Throughout human history a battle has raged between the exploited and the exploiter, between those who work to produce the wealth and the parasites who feed upon their labour! It is time to shed the chains of Capitalism and regain all that has been stolen! It is time to seize the means of production!