May Day 2020: Letter from CPA Central Committee

Comrades come rally, May Day 2020

When the Communist Party of Australia Secretariat met on April 19 it agreed to call on all Party members, workers, left and progressive organisations, union and community activists to become active and vocal in support of May Day this year as part of the ongoing resistance and fight for Workers’ Health and Rights during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our fight is for socialism as the only political and economic system that is committed to looking after all the people in the community.

The CPA will promote its Health, Workers’ Rights and Socialism campaign and will not allow the Covid-19 social constraints to stand in the way of working-class defence of health, safety and working conditions. Comrades and workers will find new ways to organise during this crisis.

The CPA gives its full support to Trade Unions, Worker Solidarity and left progressive actions on May 1 across Australia and calls all comrades nationally into action.

In Sydney and Melbourne, the CPA calls for full support of the May 1 Movement to get behind planned actions. All Party members should be involved in these activities through their branches.

The CPA demands the best health and safety for all workers who have to work during the crisis and protection of workers’ rights. The Party absolutely opposes workers paying once again for another crisis through government austerity being applied to a significant number of services and jobs in the community and employer aggression both now and when the medical crisis has abated. Workers must not pay for the ongoing economic crisis that the ruling class will force on workers. We will fight this attack all the way.

Capitalism and its market-based response to the current crisis continues to be unable to meet the needs of the people. This pandemic highlights those contradictions that seek profits not solutions that respond to the needs of the people.

The CPA seeks to build the fight to remove these negative features of society that are based on greed and massive private accumulation of wealth.

May Day 2020 will be a day of international worker solidarity and unity. Let our comrades take up the Party struggle on this day by calling to confront the crisis and achieve real change.

The Secretariat considered the changes to Industrial relations being introduced by the Morrison government, especially with regard to employers’ capacity to make variations to agreements (EBAs) under the cloak of the Coronavirus pandemic and rejects them.

Employers must not be granted a greater ability to erode the rights and conditions of workers. Any EBA variation must be voted on by workers and the capacity of employers to manipulate this process with only one day’s notice is unacceptable.

Workers of the World Unite!

CPA Secretariat, 19th April 2020