About Us

We are an active branch of the Communist Party of Australia that engages in Marxist-Leninist study and workers’ struggles in Newcastle-Hunter Valley. As part of an internationalist party we also discuss and link ourselves to the international workers’ movement. Our struggle is a struggle for socialism.

We welcome workers and supporters of the workers’ movement from the Newcastle-Hunter Valley region.

Since 1920 there has been a strong voice supporting the struggle of the working people of Australia. It is The Communist Party of Australia. Through many changes over the years we have done our best to keep the shining light of Marxism-Leninism as the beacon to lead the working class to a brighter future.

The comrades of the Newcastle Branch endeavour to carry that voice forward through the difficulties of the 21st century. As the ravages of globalisation create a new working poor and swell the ranks of the unemployed we shout above the noise that there is an alternative. Change is possible. Change the system!