Join the CPA Newcastle Branch

The Communist Party of Australia works for better lives for workers and the common people – the majority!

  • The basic human right of socio-economic wellbeing for the majority.
  • Jobs for all, better pay, safety at work and trade union rights.
  • Equal rights for women, migrants and refugees.
  • Aboriginal land, recognition and a treaty.
  • The core government roles of providing better public health, public education, public housing and public transport.
  • Laws to force polluters to stop killing our planet.
  • Higher pensions and improved welfare services
  • Peace and a cut to military spending to pay for socially needed projects.

A better world is possible — help us build it!

Come and join!

Contact your Newcastle branch: [email protected]

Or contact the Central Commitee: [email protected]

Or you can fill out our secure (Wufoo) online request form.

We find it is useful to meet with our local branch secretary after you have made an initial inquiry, and, if you are interested in taking a step further to join the party, to attend a number of our meetngs. This is a normal process to make sure you are serious about joining the CPA – a political party with a century of history in Australia.

You should be a communist because:

  • The world is changing direction very quickly. People are taking control. You can be part of this process.
  • Capitalism is crisis-ridden, driven by corporate cowboys … we pay their gambling debts.
  • The only way to end poverty, unemployment, environmental destruction, and war is to take society out of corporate hands.

Did you know that Communists:

  • Have an outstanding history of struggle for workers’ rights.
  • Have always fought for a high standard of public housing, public education and public health for the common people.
  • Were the first to campaign for the environment and started the “green bans”.
  • Have always fought for equal pay for women.
  • Were the first to champion Aboriginal rights.
  • Were among the first to fight for migrant rights and against racism.
  • Have made a major contribution to Australian culture.