This page is a collection of past happenings, yesterdays news, a way of keeping track of where we’ve been:

At our May 24 meeting improvements to the website and creation of a calendar and contact cards were discussed as well as making a pamphlet targeting exploited workers in the fast food and hospitality industries.
Beautiful weather complimented an impressive march by many concerned workers voicing their outrage at the current lot in Canberra. our branch added its numbers and sentiments to the gathering. In the evening a hearty feast was presented by the Socrates Club in honour of the workers of Australia and the world.
A call to arms! And legs and heads and voices, placards, flags, posters, and gestures!

Are you in the sights of Chubby Joe’s austerity package?
Does Abbott want to take from you what you have already given to your country?
Are the Coalition’s cuts about to kick you in the guts?

The Annual Mayday March will be held 3 May starting at Hamilton Station at 10:00 am, assembly 9:30, and proceeding to Gregson Park, Hamilton, where there will be speeches about the plight of workers under the current anti-progressive government.

On the evening of 3 May there will be a dinner held by Socrates Club at the Hellenic League Hall, 27 Skelton Street, Hamilton, at 7:00 pm. $10.00 per person for all manner of delicious goodies.
International Day of Mourning for Workers Killed on the Job!
There was a gathering held at the memorial plaque adjacent to the Merchant Mariners memorial at the foreshore opposite Newcastle Station Monday April 28 at 12;30 pm. There was a smoking ceremony and many inspiring speeches, most notably one by Christy Williams whose father was killed on a coal seam gas sight at Narrabri in 2009.
Branch meetings were held 12 and 26 April where the Mayday March and International Day of Mourning for Workers Killed on the Job were discussed as well as continuing progress on a calender to record days of interest to the Party and Newcastle Branch. We also covered communications from the CC and improving ways of disseminating information about the Party.
At our meeting on March 29 the possibility of making a Communist Calendar was suggested as well as inquiries into the route of this years Mayday march. Also a class delving into our FAQs was conducted.
At our meeting on 15 March it was decided to attend the March in March demonstration in Newcastle. The weather was fair and the crowd was enthusiastic. Photos on the PHOTOS page.
March in March
A vote of no confidence in the Abbott Government!
When: Sunday, 16th March, 2014
Where: Start in Pacific Park, march to Civic Park
Start: Meet in Pacific Park at 9.45am for 10am start
End: Approx 1 pm in Civic Park
What: March in March is a national movement created by the people, for the people, as a way to voice our concerns with the current government and say ‘enough is enough’. We, the people, are taking a stand. Join us on Sunday the 16th March with your banners, placards, signs and friends as we march in solidarity and make our voices heard!
We will march from Pacific Park to Civic Park, where we will listen to a number of speakers who will speak about a number of the pressing issues that have arisen from the current government.
At our meeting on 1 March we decided to leaflet in Maitland regarding a government ministers suggested up front fee for GP visits. This action was carried out on 11 March.
At our recent meeting on 15th February the following issues were discussed – further development of website, campaigns around local industries, the fast food industry and young people, local campaigns around the cutting of the rail line, selling of the port and TAFE cuts.
Rally and Public Forum
Thursday 13 February
1 pm
Rally in front of Hunter Street TAFE Campus
590-608 Hunter Street
Newcastle West
5:30 PM
Public Forum
Newcastle Community Arts Centre
246 Parry Street
Hamilton East
Help save our TAFE from a death by 1000 cuts!

The rally and public forum were attended by a member. This seems to be a good cause for the attention of the Branch and the Party. TAFE is a state run educational facility which in the past was aimed at all the people as a way to provide training for a large number of jobs, everything from industrial trades to fine arts. Recently, as a result of cuts to its funding, its very existence is under threat. The previous Labor government cut it to the bone and the current Coalition government would like nothing more than to sell the remains to its mates.
Action is called for!